Caon Arreda: wood craftsmanship meets design

The strenght of material, the dynamism of lines and shapes, the refined semplicity of products.

The essence of Caon Arreda naturally expresses itself in a process of polished semplification when a forty-year experience in carving woods meets design.

The dedication of Massimo Caon as a wood artisan, and the mastery of Luciano Bertoncini, designer, gave life to a project with the original semplicity of the materials themselves.

Natural gestures, dynamic shapes and an essential concept are origin and  result of this virtuous encounter at the same time.

Prestigious partnerships with international architects and designers brought Caon Nibe & C. SNC to celebrated places like Moma in New York (with 2010 exhibition “Action! Design Over Time”) and Triennale in Milan (with an outdoor bench, designed by architect Toyo Ito) gaining important recognitions for the obtained results.

Excellence of tradition embraces contemporaneity in a unique and original creative and productive project.